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(work in progress)

Want to build a rpg game?
With GMKR, it's easy. Let's go!

On the home screen, tap the "Create" icon, then tap the "+" square to create a new map.

A brand new empty map is created.

On the right, there's a panel with a lot of buttons, let's review them.

Show the floors & special items tiles list
End cup, doors, keys, weapons, zone events...
Show the static items tiles list
Rocks, trees, houses, plants...
Show the characters tiles list
Warriors, wizards, monsters, animals...
Enter edit mode. Select an individual item on the map to change his properties.
Friendly or enemy, strength, speed...

On the bottom:

Run your map for a test play
Scroll page right / left the properties of a selected object, or the tiles choices
Show / hide a map overlay showing the map tiles that blocks the hero
Adding objects to your map

Okay. Let's click on the Characters button, then tap on the little boy to select it.

Then tap somewhere on the map, a little boy will appear here.

Because this is the first character we put on the map, it has been marked has the hero with a little yellow crown .

The hero is the main player. There is only hero one per map.

While we're at it, let's select another character and put it in the map, too.

Next, activate the items button, add a wood and a pumpkin.

Finally activate the floors button, select the end cup and add it on the map.

When the hero touch the end cup, he win the map.

Play-testing your map

Okay, now we have a basic map with few items on it. Let's test-play our map!

Tap the play test button, then use the controls to move your hero around.

When you're done testing, click the stop button on top right.

Customize your map objects

Let's customise the items behavior more in details. Tap the edit mode button, then tap your hero character.

His properties are displayed on the right pane, and you can change them.

Depending on the selected object (character, item, special object), more or less properties are available.

Let's review the Character properties:

Indicate that this character is the hero.
If this property is not visible, then another character has already been defined as the hero. Look for the marker.
Indicate that this character is an enemy of the hero and will try to hurt him
Indicate that this character is a friend of the hero. A companion will follow the hero and fight against his enemies.
Assign a weapon to the character. Only enemies, companions or the hero can have weapons.
Define if the character is static or moving. A static character will fill and block a full map square, whereas a moving character only block a small area. A companion character will always walk.
Define how fast the character is moving. Only available if the character can walk, or is the hero.
Set the health of the character, the amount of damage he can receive before dying. Only enemies, companions or the hero have a health.
Define the dialog texts of the item or character
Makes the character disappear if the hero touch him while having the specified items in inventory.
If the character die, or disappear because he is "unlocked", he will drop the selected item and quantity.

And here's the Items properties:

Define if the item can be picked by the hero and added to his inventory
Define if the item can be destroyed by an attack (sword, bullet...).
Enemies can destroy items, but won't do it intentionally.
Define if the item can be pushed around by the hero.
Only the hero character can push items.
If the item is destroyed, it will drop the selected item and quantity. Only available if the item is set as destructible.
Map properties

In the editor, this top-left button give you access to options for customizing your map globaly.

You can change the following properties of your map:

The name of your map
The size of your map
The weather of your map (how sun / rain / thunder there is). There's also a night mode in there.
The musics of your map. When enemies are around the hero, the "fight music" is played.
Special items
This a checkpoint flag. When the hero touch it, the progression is saved.
If the hero die, the player can restart the map from the last touched checkpoint.
This a special item called event. It is invisible during play. When the hero walk in the area of the event, you can make a selection of objects (monsters, obstacles...) appear or disappear. You can also play a sound!
The event is a simple yet powerful feature to add more dynamic in your map!

In this example, when the hero walk on the blue area, a barrel will disappear (outlined in red), and 2 characters will appear (outlined in green).