GMKR version 1.0.38 is out!

Thank you for your feedback, it is very appreciated.

This new version focus on bugs fixing and performances improvements.

Important: due to map version changes, all maps have been unpublished.
Please, republish them from the editor to make them public again.

You will probably get the update automatically if you are on Android, or you can update now at the android store.
On windows desktop, please download the installer


  • GMKR now have his own private server with better performance and storage capacities
  • FEATURE: all maps are now displayed on a web page at
    each map have his own webpage with a comment section
  • FEATURE: loading times, characters moves and general game navigation have been speeded up
  • FEATURE: upgraded to Android Oreo Api 26
  • BUGFIX: notification bar and navigation appearing back over the game
  • BUGFIX: using a weapon against an enemy could trigger an unwanted sign read
  • BUGFIX: bad collision detection between characters under certain conditions
  • BUGFIX: the more items in a level, the longer it took to process user interaction in the editor
  • BUGFIX: when play testing a level with a sign at start, the game could read the sign before any user interaction
  • BUGFIX: when downsizing a map, the warning that content may be lost was always in French

Next version will focus on new editor features.

Thanks again for playing GMKR!